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Customers Satisfied With Brilliance Cars

Customers Satisfied With Brilliance CarsCustomers Satisfied With Brilliance Cars

Local customers have responded warmly to the new Brilliance cars, according to the latest publication by the Iran Standards and Quality Inspections Association.

In a report in Donyaye Khodro, respondents to a survey on the reliability and build of their Brilliance H330 series vehicle said they would recommend it to friends over another brand.

The glowing praise for its structure has been backed up by sales of the mid 500-million-rial vehicle. Since the cars' release nearly six months ago, over 5,000 of the vehicles have been sold in the local market.

This is despite the two-month waiting period for the vehicle's delivery, as demand exceeds production.

The H300 series, built by Pars Khodro under license from Brilliance, is based loosely on the BMW designs produced by Brilliance in China.

Bahman Khalaj, a spokesman for Pars Khodro, said, "It is the use of new technology in the Brilliance cars, which makes them stand out. The cars have undergone high quality procedures in the design stage."

Khalaj noted that based on Pars Khodro's contract with Brilliance, the Iranian company has met the international standards required to build the car.

"The durability of the vehicle's testing for the long-term test was done with European test requirements in mind. The car passed all the regular tests required by the European Union," he said.