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Yamaha May Join Auto Industry

Yamaha May Join Auto Industry
Yamaha May Join Auto Industry

Motorcycle and speaker manufacturer Yamaha has revealed it is to show a sleek sports car design concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 next week as part of its huge 20-model display.

Said to be “inspired by motorcycles and express(ing) the unique style of Yamaha”, the firm has yet to release official details on the new sports car concept but has teased people with a silhouette image.

This shows a compact two-seat sports car with a light, glassy cockpit, long nose and compact rear.

Proportions appear to suggest a mid-engine design and the multi-stack rear wing could indicate novel aerodynamic features.

Yamaha’s hint suggests the sports car concept could be powered by a high-revving motorcycle engine, of which the firm has no shortage.

However, the sports car could also be derived from the Yamaha Motiv city car jointly developed by Gordon Murray Design and revealed in 2013.

This offers a choice of all-electric drive or a range-extender gasoline-electric drive.

Yamaha has since committed to putting the car into production, with a due date of 2019.