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French Fervor for Favors

French Fervor for FavorsFrench Fervor for Favors

A French delegation comprising 130 companies accompanied by the French ministers of foreign trade and agriculture, and agrifood and forestry are expected in Iran today. Representatives of car company Peugeot and oil giant Total are also part of the delegation. There have been rumors of additional contracts being signed between the French and local businesses, Tasnim News Agency reported. In just over a week, another auto delegation from France is likely to meet with automotive officials in Tehran to discuss further cooperation. The jump in visits by delegations from Paris indicates the French are not holding back in terms of investments. They are aware of German determination to move into the local market, as well as strong interest of other automotive groups. The news of Peugeot pushing ahead with its plans comes, as their main French rival Renault announced the marketing of their affordable small hatchback Sandero or B90.