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Technical Inspection Inquiry Online

Technical Inspection Inquiry OnlineTechnical Inspection Inquiry Online

A new online system that will prompt drivers for their annual car road worthiness inspection has gone online.

With the new TID system, it is now possible to be informed of the expiry date of the technical inspection document by entering the Vehicle Identification Number in the portal designed for this purpose, Tasnim News Agency reported.

"This facility is only provided for vehicles that have obtained their technical inspection documents in one of the 14 technical inspection centers in Tehran," said Vali Azarvash, director at Tehran Vehicle Technical Inspection Bureau.

Using this service, people can be informed of the latest safety inspection results of a car before purchasing it.

These centers inspect and control the emissions of the vehicle, its engine function and safety.  Azarvash noted that having technical inspection labels is an obligation for school transport services and families should pay special attention to the issue.

National testing of vehicles is still mandatory every year. However, unlike European systems, it is not heavily enforced by the technical inspection authorities and traffic police.