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Queen to Get 1st Bentley Bentayga

Queen to Get 1st Bentley BentaygaQueen to Get 1st Bentley Bentayga

Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer has stated that the very first Bentley Bentayga SUV has been reserved for the Queen of England as the first year’s production sells out.

Top-end Range Rovers seem expensive enough but are cheaper compared to Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV, which will start at $250,000, Auto UK reports.

But that price is just the starting point, and if you add in options and customizations, you could end up spending over a million dollars on a new Bentayga, especially with things like a self-winding Breitling Tourbillon clock costing a cool $170,000.

Despite the big price tag, Bentayga is already sold out for the first year as Bentley has received 3,600 orders for their new ultra luxury SUV, with more piling in as the Bentayga makes its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

And it was at Frankfurt that Duerheimer revealed that the very first car has been earmarked for the Queen, according to Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

Duerheimer was careful with his words and said that they have reserved the number one Bentayga for her, implying that Bentley may be gifting the Queen of England the car rather than having received an order. Despite that, he said the Queen will not have to take a stock model–even the $355,000 First Edition Bentayga–but will be welcome to spec the car as she wishes.

And it should sit nicely in the Buck House garage alongside the Bentley State Limo. Are any of the vehicles likely to make it to Tehran? Bentley currently has no showroom in the Iranian capital, but if they did arrive by some method they are likely to be a big hit, in spite of the 100% import tax.