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Iran Ranks 18th in Car Production

Iran Ranks 18th in Car ProductionIran Ranks 18th in Car Production

Iran ranks 18th among vehicle manufacturing countries, statistics released by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers for the first half of 2015 said. According to the data, vehicle production in Iran increased by 13.9% to 555,954 vehicles during the first two quarters of 2015. In the same period, Iran produced 496,982 passenger vehicles and 58,972 commercial vehicles, which constitute 1.2% of global vehicle production. This places Iran above Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Romania, Australia and Austria in the table released by the automotive authority. China, which produced 12.095 million vehicles in the same period, holds first place which is then followed by the United States with 6.12 million vehicles. Iran stood at 15th and 20th place among countries manufacturing large passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles respectively. It ranked sixth after Slovenia, Finland, Italy, South Africa and Turkey for production growth in Q2.