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Auto Glass Exports to Rise Post-Sanctions

Auto Glass Exports to Rise Post-SanctionsAuto Glass Exports to Rise Post-Sanctions

Due to the wide availability of raw material and technology, six Iranian auto glass manufacturing factories are cooperating with domestic carmakers.

A portion of these factories' output is being exported and exports to European countries are expected to increase in the post-sanctions era.

Speaking to Asre Khodro, Mehdi Takyan, chairman of Gilan Glass Industry Company, said by complying with international standards, auto glassmakers aim to enter European markets, however sanctions imposed on the country created obstacles.

"Now with the prospect of sanctions being lifted [by early 2016], there is renewed scope of offering our products to international markets," he said.

Takyan said windshield and window glasses made in the country are shockproof and safe.

"The domestic need for this product is supplied domestically," he added.

Secretary of Iran's Glass Association Hossein Zojaji said equipments used in the production of auto glass are highly advanced and imported from European countries, SMT News reported.

Zojaji noted that raw material supply faced no difficulty during the sanctions period and the only problem was the non-payment of dues by carmakers.