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Iran, Africa Car Market Sizes Similar

Iran, Africa Car Market Sizes SimilarIran, Africa Car Market Sizes Similar

Iran is now the world's 12th largest market for cars after 1,106,000 cars were purchased in the country last year, which pegs it at a level equal to that of the entire continent of Africa. The information was released by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, stating that cars sold in Iran in 2014 make up 1.7% of all the cars sold worldwide, which amounts to a total of 64.97 million globally, Asre Khodro reported. Also, 1.23 million cars were sold last year in Africa, which is only 124,000 cars more than Iranians. The number of vehicles sold in Iran includes both new and secondhand, imported and locally produced with the data collected by local agencies.  According to this report, car sales in Iran in 2014 experienced a 60% rise compared to the previous year. This figure is 3% for the world.  Countries standing above Iran in the list include France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Russia, Brazil, India and South Korea.