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People Doubt SAIPA's Apology

People Doubt SAIPA's Apology
People Doubt SAIPA's Apology

SAIPA, Iran's second-largest car manufacturing company, apologized to its customers for the low quality of its products, particularly Pride. However, people on Iranian websites have largely taken this with a pinch of salt. Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony held for the inauguration of SAIPA's repair centers, Mehdi Jamali, CEO of the company, said, "Most cars manufactured in our company did not have the satisfactory quality when delivered to customers and I would like to apologize to them on my own behalf," Carnet reported.

Jamali added that SAIPA is seriously pursuing plans to promote the quality of the company's cars and also to offer better repair services. He noted that because of the number of jobs it creates and its role in industrial export, the car industry needs to be supported by both people and the government.

This apology, although rare in Iran's corporate scene, has not come as a surprise to the public since sales are down and Iran's auto market is plunging deeper into stagnation. This is primarily because a large section of potential Iranian buyers have joined the "No to local cars" campaign.

Comments on Iranian websites, such as Fararu and Tabnak, show people believe this apology is only aimed at papering over the cracks, as neither car quality will improve in the short run, nor have domestic producers agreed to lower the unreasonably high car prices.

Critics of domestic car producers believe the apology indicates that the grassroots campaign is starting to have an impact on the market.

People are furious over the high number of fatalities resulting from accidents involving domestic cars that are overpriced and of poor quality, as well as the lack of accountability in the automotive industry.