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Hyundai Allays Concerns With Crash Test

Hyundai Allays Concerns With Crash Test
Hyundai Allays Concerns With Crash Test

Hyundai has allayed the concerns of South Korean customers about the difference in safety levels of cars sold domestically and those in the export market.

It was able to prove its parallel safety levels by publicly colliding a domestically produced Sonata and another manufactured overseas in front of a live audience.

In doing this high-profile stunt, the company hoped it would dispel myths about the difference in production qualities of the two variants, according to IT News KR.  

The company hosted the event in Songdo, South Korea earlier this week. The surprise event was hosted to commemorate 30 years of Sonata model.

This test was done by colliding the same type of cars, in this case Sonata 2.0 Turbo, in which one was produced at a factory in Alabama, USA, and another was produced at a factory in Asan, South Korea. The only difference was the external paint.

The two cars collided head on while being driven at 56 km/h.

After the monitored collision, the company noted that both cars were leaking oil from the same points and that the engine mount were crushed in the same parts.

Drivers’ and passengers’ airbags, including knee airbags of both cars, inflated. Opening and shutting of doors, which are crucial in helping passengers to escape from a car during an accident, also worked normally during the event, according to the report.