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Driving Road Rules Testing App Released

Driving Road Rules Testing App Released
Driving Road Rules Testing App Released

A new Iranian application to practice and prepare for driving road rules testing has been released for Android.

The app «Driving Road Rules Testing» has been designed by Barnamefa Group and provides plenty of tests and exercises designed to prepare applicants for the official test, local automotive news website Asre Khodro reported.

It contains over 800 frequently asked questions in the national driving license curriculum. The questions are placed in 10 categories, though the three main categories are giving way, general road rules and road signs.

The simulated tests are structured just as the real test, which requires an applicant to answer a 30-question test in less than 15 minutes. One needs to score at least 27 to pass the test.

The software also allows test-takers to review their history where an explanation is shown for each answer. This will help the applicants identify their weaknesses and focus better to pass the real test.

The app works offline but tests and questions can be upgraded intermittently via Internet. Available for download on Café Bazaar, the app is highly recommended for anyone who expects to pass the exam at their first attempt.