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IKCO to Mass-Produce Large Engine

IKCO to Mass-Produce Large Engine
IKCO to Mass-Produce Large Engine

The first Iran-made turbo-charged engine is expected to be mass-produced by the first half of the Iranian year (Sept. 22), according to a new report.    

The TC7 engine, with a 7.1-liter capacity, has already successfully passed various tests in terms of performance and maintenance standards. Other tests are still underway and the mass production of TC7 would begin immediately after gaining all required certificates, according to IK Press.

The new supercharged engine will also run on compressed natural gas but in the earlier stages, the only model would be a standard gasoline unit.

Fuel consumption trialed in an IKCO Soren stands at 7.3 L/100 km. It releases torque of 215 N/M and 150 HP.

The engine reportedly meets Euro-4 emission standards as well as European On Board Diagnostics. Its standards can be upgraded to Euro-5 after modifications.

TC7 is of national EF class engine co-designed by Iran Khodro Power Train (IPCO) and Germany’s FEV as a joint project prior to the imposition of sanctions.

EF engines have been designed initially based on compressed natural gas, but it has now been modified to bifuel and is capable of working on gasoline while in motion.

Iran Khodro has already produced EF7, EF4 and EFD engines of the same class.

The rather large engine may be a relic of earlier projects. Due to the onset of sanctions placed on Iran due to its nuclear program, German companies like that of FEV had to halt all operations with their Iranian partners. Now that sanctions on the automotive sector are the first likely to be repealed, joint ventures can now start again.