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Zamyad to Produce New Pickup

Zamyad to Produce New PickupZamyad to Produce New Pickup

Zamyad Company has completed the production trial of a new truck named Padra. According to the company's PR Manager Rasoul Alizadeh, the standards and safety certification marks have been obtained, local automotive news website Carnet reported. "Once the needed certifications are obtained, the pickup will be mass-produced and released in the market shortly after," he added. Padra has a hydraulic steering wheel, ABS brakes, power side view mirrors and fits Euro V emission. During the first year, the company will produce 2,000 Padras and the figure is set to increase fivefold in the following year. The target market for the pickup is likely to be in Iran's rural areas where most food production is made. Pickup trucks in Iran are mostly used outside urban areas for agricultural and industrial uses. Zamyad is a subsidiary of Saipa Motors—Iran's second largest auto-manufacturing company. Established in 1963, Zamyad mainly manufactures pickup trucks.