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Kerman to Host Car Race

Kerman to Host  Car RaceKerman to Host  Car Race

This year, the southeastern province of Kerman will be hosting Iran's biggest car race. The event will be held after summer once temperature in the south cools down, said Amin Baqeri, governor of Rigan county in Kerman Province. The race will begin in Bam county, pass through four cities and end in Rigan, the local automotive website Persian Khodro reported. "Rigan has several tourist attractions and is famous for being home to the world's tallest sand-dunes. This will create a challenging and exciting route for contestants participating in the race," he said.  Details have not yet been released about the number of contestants and type of cars that can take part or the exact date of the event.  Baqeri also urged officials on the back of the car event to invest further in the region so that more car races could be held.