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Lifan X50 Presale Begins

Lifan X50 Presale BeginsLifan X50 Presale Begins

The presale of Lifan's small X50 SUV started at the start of the current Iranian month (starting July 21).  X50 is the Chinese company's newest offering in the Iranian market following other popular vehicles like the Lifan X60 large SUV. The new vehicle, like previous models, is produced by Kerman Motor Company, which is based in southern Iran.  The vehicle has been introduced to the Iranian market one year after its release in China and South America. The car is priced at 529 million rials ($15,790) for the automatic version and 479 million rials ($14,290), both of which run a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, with 103 horsepower respectively, according to Persian Khodro.  The car comes fully equipped with all the latest parking and safety features, including EPS breaking, a-frame chassis as well as front and rear airbags.  X50 comes with alloy wheels, electric windows in the front and rear as well as center console media center. Some model variants will also come with video parking sensors as well as a standard anti-theft system.