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Logan Pickup Sale Begins

Logan Pickup Sale BeginsLogan Pickup Sale Begins

Iran Khodro, the country's largest manufacturer of vehicles, has announced it will begin sales of the pickup variant of the best-selling Renault Logan model. The announcement of the new model's release came via Persian Khodro, after IKCO announced the sale of the vehicle on their online sales website According to the PR release from the company, the vehicle was officially listed for order from 10 a.m. Tuesday. The release of the vehicle had been originally pegged for before the holy month of Ramadan but was delayed due to a drop in overall sales.  The Renault Logan sedan, known locally as L90 Tondar, is currently made by all three major automakers, namely IKCO, Saipa and Pars Khodro (partly owned by Saipa). However, currently only Iran Khodro has announced it will begin making the car with the other two makers not following course. The Logan pickup variant is being sold as a replacement for the aging IKCO Paykan pickup that ceased production this year.