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Iranian-Made Lamborghini

Iranian-Made LamborghiniIranian-Made Lamborghini

An Iranian car buff in the northeastern city of Mashhad has unveiled his own version of a Lamborghini, the 1/100 scale replica is a fully working vehicle modeled off the Italian classic. The sports car builder, Mohammad Reza Reyhani who works as a mechanical engineer, said it took him a year and a half to craft the car. Reyhani said he had help from his nine-year-old son Elia while doing the smaller details inside the vehicle, like the dashboard and speedometer. The engine is an 8-cylinder, 220 horsepower, not an original Lamborghini, but still packs a punch. The vehicle only cost Reyhani 1.5 billion rials ($30,000) to build and will make its inaugural journey to the southern city of Bandar Abbas in the coming weeks. To the uninformed, everybody seeing the car on the road would assume Reyhani has had a windfall, as a Lamborghini can only be owned by a millionaire.