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Car Import Share Less Than 1%

Car Import Share Less Than 1%Car Import Share Less Than 1%

The share of six largest companies importing to Iran comprises just 0.8% of the entire car industry of the country. The new statistics published by ISNA this week suggest the less than 1% figure comprises the second six months of the last Iranian year (ended March 20).

The market share of the car brands breaks down as follows: Mitsubishi 0.2%, Hyundai 0.1%, MG 0.2% and Kia with 0.1% market share in the past half year.

 Other car manufacturers’ import share has also significantly dropped with BMW less than a tenth of a percent. Also in this period, Alfa Romeo’s numbers were flat with just one tenth of a percent. Car imports to Iran depend on the international exchange rates.

They are also indirectly affected by the ongoing nuclear negotiations, which is likely to be the main reason behind the  drop in import numbers.