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Best and Worst Local Cars

Best and Worst Local Cars
Best and Worst Local Cars

Iran's Standard and Quality Inspection Company has recently assessed 28 cars locally produced in a monthlong period, ending May 21.

According to the report, 99% of the automobiles manufactured locally were lightweight vehicles, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Suzuki Grand Vitara, the small SUV produced by complete knock-down by Iran Khodro in Khorasan, was the vehicle with the highest quality. Grand Vitara was the only vehicle in the lightweight group sold for over one billion rials ($30,500 dollars at market exchange rate).  

The second best vehicle was Kia Cerato which is produced by complete knock-down by Saipa. Receiving a score of -16.5, the Cerato was the only vehicle assessed in the 750 million to one billion rial price range ($22,800 -$30,500).

In the 500-750 million-rial range ($15,200 – $22,800) Renault's Logan automatic (produced by Iran Khodro) and Chinese models JAC 5, MVM 530 and Lifan 620 each received -20.5, -43, -46.4 and -48.8 points respectively.

The quality inspection company assessed 17 vehicles in the 250-500 million-rial ($7,600 -$15,200) range. As the best models in this group, Pars Tondar, and two other models of Renault's Logan produced by Pars Khodro and Iran Khodro received -20.5. The worst vehicle in the same group was Saipa's Tiba 2 with a score of -54.3.

The worst of all cars produced in Iran under 250 million rials was the Saipa Pride, otherwise known locally under a collection of different numbers, like the 131, 141 and 132. The testing company did not include the score for Pride in their chart.