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IKCO Diesel Announces Minibus

IKCO Diesel Announces MinibusIKCO Diesel Announces Minibus

Iran Khodro Diesel, the large vehicle arm of the largest national automaker IKCO, has announced it is to start production of a new 16-seat minibus, called Vana according to the company's PR office. The new vehicle launched at the 2015 Shiraz Auto Show, in Iran's southern Fars province, has been touted as a new replacement for Iran's aging bus fleet, some dating back to before the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The new vehicle, according to IKCO Diesel Director Ahmad Akrami, says the van will come in three different fuel options: gasoline, diesel and dual fuel CNG. He said although not for sale currently, the vehicle has been released to gauge public reaction before full production begins.

The large vehicle will also be eligible under Iran's road rules to be used as a "public vehicle" and also as a "taxi vehicle", according to the manufacturer. The new minibus is similar in design to the current version made by the company. However, it will be smaller and seat less passengers. IKCO Diesel has been making the current small bus for over five years.