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Vehicle Audit Procedures Modified

Vehicle Audit Procedures ModifiedVehicle Audit Procedures Modified

An updated guideline for vehicle audit techniques has officially been communicated to local auto manufacturers and Iran's Standard and Quality Inspection Association, ISNA reported on Saturday.

Compared to the earlier version, quality standards in the new guideline are more stringent. It will, therefore, not come as a surprise if certain vehicles fall further down quality standard charts and if carmakers will be subject to a decline in ranking.

According to the report, local carmakers will not be able to maintain current quality rankings if they fail to raise their game and improve production quality.

Given the dynamic nature of the auto industry, global standards in this area frequently change. In Iran, however, the vehicle audit guidelines have now been updated after a seven-year gap.

The process of updating the guideline began three years ago by the ministry of industry, mine and trade and was recently approved at the beginning of the current Iranian year (began March 21).

Now, nearly three months after the approval, the new vehicle audit techniques have been implemented. The guideline has been communicated to all car and auto parts manufacturers and Iran's Standard and Quality Inspection Company, which will be required to follow the new set of indices put forth in the guideline and implement them across the board.