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Subaru Exporting to Iran

Subaru  Exporting  to IranSubaru  Exporting  to Iran

Subaru has restarted exports of cars to the Iranian market, according to Skyscrapercity forum on Monday. The so-called authorized dealer, Safe Khodro, has listed all the latest models on its website, including the 2015 Impreza and the Forester model. The Financial Tribune contacted the dealer who confirmed it has restarted importing four models to the country, adding, "We used to import the vehicles 10 years ago to Tehran and Isfahan and have kick-started sales again." Subaru is the latest Japanese automaker to begin operations in Iran, following the more well-known Japanese competitors like Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda. The company added that they plan to increase imports of their cars in the coming months as soon as it acquires more forecourt space in major Iranian cities.