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Chevrolet Imports Uncertain

Chevrolet Imports UncertainChevrolet Imports Uncertain

The ministry of industry, mine, and trade has denied issuing permits for Chevrolet imports, an official with the automotive sector of the ministry said, Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

According to the ministry's director general of the vehicle department, Amir Hossein Ghanati, certain preconditions must be met before goods can be imported.  

Donayaye Khodro reported on May 7 that Saham Pajoohan Mehr (a company based in Tehran) was granted an official license to import and sell Chevrolets in mainland Iran.  

At the time, Chevrolet, had been included in an official list of national car licensees, released on Sobhane Online. Also, a company representative told the Financial Tribune that while the "deal was real the company had not yet begun importing the cars."

Importers first need to file a request with the ministry which is then reviewed by its technical regulation committee, Ghanati explained.

 "If accepted by the committee, it will then be passed on to the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran for further consideration."  

"To this day, the ministry has not received any such requests for Chevrolet imports," the official asserted.

Chevrolet is the latest American brand rumored to be entering the Iranian auto market. Previously Chrysler, now merged with Fiat of Italy, was rumored to be in talks with Iran Khodro; however, since then no news of any agreement has surfaced.