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Ford Recalls More Vehicles

Ford Recalls More VehiclesFord Recalls More Vehicles

Ford Motor Company said it was expanding a recall to include 156,000 more vehicles to fix a potential door latch malfunction, according to Reuters. The recalls include certain Ford Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models. The company recalled about 390,000 of the three vehicle models in North America last week to fix the same issue. The driver's door can potentially unlatch while the car is in motion, increasing the risk of injury, Ford said. Ford has said it is aware of two incidents in which an unlatched door bounced back and struck the driver and one incident in which an unlatched door swung open and struck another vehicle. Mass vehicle recalls have increased in recent years as companies around the world use similar auto parts to each other. This latest incident by Ford follows another one by GM and Nissan about a fuel intake valve which could malfunction.