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Ford Patents 11-Speed Auto Transmission

Ford Patents 11-Speed Auto TransmissionFord Patents 11-Speed Auto Transmission

Ford US, has patented a new type of transmission published on April 9 by the country’s Patent and Trademark Office, World Car Fans reported on Monday. The new design is believed to be part of Ford’s new potentially energy saving 11-speed automatic transmission box.

The document, originally leaked on Autoguide includes details for three different versions of the transmission using different combinations of clutches, brakes and gears. Currently the company has only announced plans for a 10-speed automatic transmission that will arrive in the 2017 F-150 Raptor pickup truck, available in the US. Ford’s US powertrain spokesman Paul Seredynski wouldn’t confirm that Ford is developing an 11-speed automatic transmission.  

“As a technology leader, we submit patents on innovative ideas as a normal course of business. Patent submissions help protect our new ideas but do not necessarily indicate future business or product plans,” the chief engineer said in an official statement.

Ford is already able to claim an average 11.76 L/100km, which is a two-MPG improvement for the 3.5-liter EcoBoost 2015 F-150 in two-wheel drive form compared to the previous generation equipped with the same engine by shaving up to 317 kg from the curb weight of the old truck courtesy of an aluminum body.