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Iran Ranks 52nd in FFP’s Fragile States Index

Iran Ranks 52nd in FFP’s Fragile States Index
Iran Ranks 52nd in FFP’s Fragile States Index

Iran has ranked 52nd globally in the Fragile States Index, produced by Fund for Peace, a US non-profit, non-governmental research and educational institution. 
FFP placed Iran in 'High Warning' category and gave it a score of 83, which indicates a 1.3% decrease compared with its previous year’s score. 
FSI scores should be interpreted with the understanding that the lower the score, the better. Therefore, a reduced score indicates an improvement and greater relative stability, just as a higher score indicates greater instability. 
It is an annual ranking of 178 countries based on different pressures that impact their levels of fragility. 
The index’s 12 indicators, against which nations are measured, include: security situation and responses; behavior of ruling elites; social divisions; economic performance; economic inequality; emigration; state legitimacy; public services, human rights and the rule of law; demographic pressures; refugees and external intervention. 
FSI ranks countries into 11 categories, namely “Very Sustainable”, “Sustainable”, “Very Stable”, “More Stable”, “Stable”, “Warning”, “Elevated Warning”, “High Warning”, ‘Alert”, “High Alert” and “Very High Alert”. 
Yemen has been named most fragile nation in the Fund for Peace’s 2019 FSI. The least fragile (most sustainable) state is Finland.

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