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Iran Complains to ICAO Over Airplane Refueling Problems

Iran Voices Complaint to ICAO Over Airplane Refueling ProblemsIran Voices Complaint to ICAO Over Airplane Refueling Problems

Refusals on the part of some international airports to provide fuel to Iranian airlines have led the Civil Aviation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran to voice complaints to the International Civil Aviation Organization.
The announcement was made by CAO's Vice President for Aeronautical and International Affairs Morteza Dehqan on Saturday, IRNA reported. 
Noting that US sanctions against Iran’s aviation industry violate international laws and regulations, Dehqan said, “Iranian people who use air transportation are the main target of US sanctions. In fact, the US intends to cut off Iranian people’s ties with other nations and countries.” 
Over the past few months, some Iranian airliners, including Iran Air, were denied fuel in European countries and regional airports such as Turkey’s Istanbul and Ankara and had to cancel at least one flight, while other carriers had to cut the number of passengers on board to fly on less fuel, Reuters reported. 
Last year, the Civil Aviation Organization urged ICAO to adopt a firm stance against US unilateral sanctions on Iran’s aviation industry. It has called on member states to live up to the provisions of international aviation pact for promoting unity and amity among people across the world.

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