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Iran, India Direct Shipping Line

Iran, India Direct Shipping LineIran, India Direct Shipping Line

A direct shipping line between Iran and India will be established by Admiral Feeder Line, located in the Middle East. According to ISNA, the line will connect Mundra Port, on the western coast in India to Bandar Abbas Port, on the southern coast of Iran. Mundra Port is the largest non-government port in India.  Iran and Oman are also planning to establish a shipping line to facilitate maritime trade between the two countries. Discussions for the establishment of the shipping line started six months ago and an agreement is expected to be signed within three months. The shipping line would operate between the four Omani ports of Sohar, Sultan Qaboos, Musandam, and Shinas and the Iranian ports of Chabahar, Bandar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini.