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Pasargad Buys IKIA Shares

Pasargad Buys IKIA SharesPasargad Buys IKIA Shares

Bank Pasargad has purchased part of the shares of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport, after IKIA offered the shares on Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), Saieed Chalandari, IKIA director general airport told MNA on Sunday. Chalandari announced that some parts of the airport are still under construction and investors are welcome to cooperate in completion of the ongoing projects in the airport. Covering an area of around 13,500 hectares, IKIA is the main international airport in the country and is located 30 kilometers southwest of the Iranian capital Tehran. It was designed to replace Mehrabad International Airport, which is in the west of the city, now inside the city boundaries. Imam Khomeini Airport has 1 passenger terminal, with a total annual handling capacity of 6.5 million passengers and 120,000 tonnes of cargo. Terminal 2, the Pilgrimage Terminal, is currently under construction.