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Food Group Inflation Falls

Food Group Inflation FallsFood Group Inflation Falls

According to a periodical report released by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), eight of eleven main food groups have registered an annual point to point inflation of less than 10 percent, when compared to the prices in the same period last year.

Except for the dairy products, the consumer price index for food groups has dropped in general.

From an analytical point of view, the falling inflation rate is the main reason behind the meaningful drop in CPI for food groups. The downward rate of CPI does not mean that food prices have not increased recently. In fact, markets have continued to record price rises since the beginning of the current Iranian year (starting March 21). But as mentioned in the CBI report, the pace of the rising prices has slowed down. 

The following table shows the consumer price index (CPI) for eleven food groups, categorized by CBI.