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Government Illusions in Iranian Development Plans

Collective delusions can be found everywhere from the lives we want to lead to the country we want to live in and the way we treat each other and even our expectations from educational institutions to the workplace, or the expectations of planners and man
Government Illusions in  Iranian Development Plans
Government Illusions in  Iranian Development Plans

Collective illusions are convictions and beliefs that are formed in social groups and can be observed in that group in a stark manner, Todd Rose, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, said.
They may be based on misinformation, misconceptions or personal experiences or even run counter to scientific and logical facts in some cases. A complex set of illusions caused by conformity bias distorts the way we see the world around us. The potential for collective delusions in societies are a wide range of characteristics, goals and relationships, including trust, success, social networks, in-group conformity, careers, aspirations, education and cultural norms that are being copied from others and turned into reality. 


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