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Armenian Minister Predicts $1b Trade With Iran in Near Future

Armenian Minister Predicts $1b Trade With Iran in Near Future
Armenian Minister Predicts $1b Trade With Iran in Near Future

In the last two years, Armenia has made great progress in trade relations with Iran, Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan told ARMENPRESS, when asked about the potential for economic cooperation between Armenia and Iran.
"In 2020, our trade turnover was about $400 million, in 2021 - $500 million, and in 2022 - more than $700 million. We believe that in the near future, we will cross the border of $1 billion in mutual trade with Iran," he said on Friday.



Bilateral Ties Record Dynamic Development: Deputy PM

Armenia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan is optimistic that the high-level political dialogue between Armenia and Iran will be a great stimulus for further deepening and strengthening bilateral cooperation.
He was speaking at the official reception organized in Yerevan on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which was attended by ministers, MPs, foreign diplomats accredited in Armenia and other high-ranking officials.
In his speech, the deputy prime minister first congratulated the Islamic Republic of Iran on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and noted that the Islamic Revolution contributed to the unique prestige of Iran, both in the region and beyond its borders.
Speaking about Armenian-Iranian relations, Grigoryan noted that the Armenian and Iranian peoples, living in the same region, are interconnected by strong historical and cultural ties.
"Since early times, close cultural relations have been formed between our two peoples, which continue to be the characteristic features of both Armenians’ and Iranians' lifestyles, customs, monuments and rich cultural heritage,” he said.
“Our two countries, having passed through many centuries of history and various trials, present themselves to the world today as states that cooperate with an exemplary dialogue between Christianity and Islam, and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.”
Grigoryan emphasized that Iran was the first country to recognize the independence of the Republic of Armenia.
The deputy prime minister noted with pleasure that in the past 31 years, since the establishment of diplomatic relations, relations between the two countries have been on the upward path of development.
"Armenia-Iran relations still record a dynamic development today, and we fully hope that with joint efforts, we will further expand the partnership agenda between the two countries,” he said.
“Our vision for the future of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran is best reflected in the 2021-26 Action Plan of the government of the Republic of Armenia. We sincerely hope that high-level political dialogue between the two countries will be a great stimulus for further deepening and strengthening bilateral cooperation. A multi-sectoral cooperation agenda has been established between Armenia and Iran.
Grigoryan said joint bilateral efforts will strengthen interstate cooperation in the near future for the benefit of the well-being of the two friendly peoples and regional stability.
According to the deputy prime minister, Iran has been and still remains a unique partner for Armenia, which contributes to the establishment of peace and strengthening of stability in the region with its balanced policy.



Matching Interests

Iran and Armenia concur around principles such as the need to respect international borders, peaceful resolution of disputes, value the rights and security of the peoples in the region and collective efforts for having a stable region, the Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri said at the Armenia-Iran Relations in Context of Common Interests Forum dedicated to the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.
“The similar views and matching common interests of the two countries have created a new situation in our relations. The concurrence and political consultations between the leaders of the two countries have reached an unprecedented level. Almost all high-level officials of the two countries met with their counterparts at least once in the past one year and further exchange of views between the parties continued in various directions. The continuity of this process is definitely a necessity,” he added.
Zohouri noted that commercial ties grew significantly as a result of the implementation of the Iran-EEU privileged trade agreement signed in 2015. He said the agreement will pave the way for further strengthening trade relations, attaching importance to the broad partnership between the two countries regarding infrastructure issues.
“The situation resulting from the problems in the Goris-Kapan route which, of course, was followed by the Armenian government’s significant efforts in the direction of building an alternative road, proved that we need convenient and safe roads. We hope that in the next few years, the picture of transport route between Iran and Armenia will change significantly,” he said.
“We are sure that high-quality transport routes between Iran and Armenia will be effective in terms of elevating the positions of the two countries in the international arena. A threat against the international transport route passing through Iran and Armenia will constitute a threat not only against Iran and Armenia, but also other beneficiaries of that transport route.”
The Iranian ambassador said Armenia’s independence in 1991 opened a new chapter in Armenian-Iranian relations, as political relations were officially established 31 years ago. 
“Despite the turmoil in the region and in the world in the past three decades, the leaderships of the two countries highly appreciate the bilateral relations,” he added.
Zohouri offered full assistance to deepen and strengthen cultural and economic relations.



Armenian Consulate to Be Opened in Iran

A consulate of Armenia will be opened in Iran very soon, The Iranian ambassador to Armenia announced during a meeting on Thursday.
Armenia plans to open a diplomatic representation in Tabriz, reported.
Zohouri stressed that the issues raised at the level of experts should be turned into demands, and an agenda should be formed for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.
"The leaders of the two countries are closely following the development of events. Both countries should have a special agenda. We have been, are and will remain neighbors," he added.
The Iranian diplomat considered the inauguration of Iran’s Consulate in Kapan, Armenia, an exemplary step.
The consulate was opened in October 2022, after the military aggression of Azerbaijan against Armenia last September.

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