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Output of Six Mineral Products Increases in Last Fiscal Year

Output of Six Mineral Products Increases in Last Fiscal Year
Output of Six Mineral Products Increases in Last Fiscal Year

The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade's review of last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2022) shows the output of six mineral products (out of 12 under review) registered growth compared with the similar period of the year before.
A total of 571,100 tons of pure aluminum ingots were produced during the period, up 25.1% compared with the corresponding period of last year. 
Sheet glass production rose by 17.6% YOY to 1.36 million tons.
The production of porcelain dishes increased by 8.1% YOY to 61,100 tons while the production of copper cathode stood at 299,000 tons, registering a YOY increase of 2.8%.
Tile and ceramic output hit 455.89 million square meters, experiencing a 1.3% YOY increase, while the output of alumina grew by 0.7% to 230,700 tons.
The following products showed a decline in output during the period: Sanitary ware hit 100,900 tons, down 14.5%, coal concentrate production was at 1.47 million tons, down 12.8% YOY, cement and steel products stood at 63.08 million tons and 25.13 million tons respectively, down 9.1% and 5.3% respectively YOY.
The output of glass dishes exceeded 728,600 tons, showing a YOY decrease of 2.2%.
Crude steel production hit 28.12 million tons, indicating a 1.8% drop year-on-year.
The review also showed the output of six other mineral products (out of 12 under review) registered growth in the 12th month of the previous fiscal year (Feb. 20-March 20) compared with the preceding month.
Cement output grew by 28.3% MOM to 5.68 million tons. 
The output of crude steel during the month hit 2.53 million tons, indicating a 22.8% growth compared with the previous month.
The production of copper cathode reached 26,200 tons, up 22.1% month-on-month.
Alumina output hit 19,600 tons, registering a month-on-month growth of 9%.
Sheet glass production stood at 120,400 tons, up 6.1% MOM.
The output of steel products hit 2.13 million tons, up 4.7%.
Porcelain dishes’ production reached 4,700 tons, down by 14.1% MOM.
Sanitary ware’s output decreased by 8.9% MOM to reach 7,300 tons.
Pure aluminum ingots’ production stood at 51,000 tons during the period, down 8.3% month-on-month.  
Coal concentrate production also registered a 4.4% MOM decline to 126,400 tons.
Tile and ceramic output hit 35.53 million square meters, registering a 3.7% MOM decrease. 
The output of glass dishes declined by 0.9% to 58,100 tons. 


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