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Iran’s Global Standing Drops in 2021 Prosperity Index

Sistan-Baluchestan’s Exports Register 22-Percent Growth
Sistan-Baluchestan’s Exports Register 22-Percent Growth

London-based think tank, Legatum Institute, has released the 2021 edition of its Prosperity Index report.
Iran ranks 123rd among 167 countries surveyed in the new report. The ranking has dropped by two places compared with 2020 (121).
The Prosperity Index is calculated by measuring 12 important pillars, namely Safety and Security, Personal Freedom, Governance, Social Capital, Investment Environment, Enterprise Conditions, Infrastructure and Market Access, Economic Quality, Living Conditions, Health, Education, Natural Environment.
For 167 countries, the index uses the same indicators and combines them in the same way to create elements and pillars. By using the index, it is possible to compare the relative performance of each country for overall prosperity and each of the 12 pillars of prosperity, such as health, education and social capital, as well as the 67 elements within the pillars.
The elements have been established to represent key policy areas, such as investor protections, primary education, government integrity and air pollution to help facilitate more targeted action.
The closer the pillar scores to zero, the better condition that pillar has. In other words, countries with lower scores in their prosperity pillars have a better ranking.
The institute defines true prosperity as a situation wherein all people have the opportunity to thrive.
“True prosperity means everyone has the opportunity to thrive by fulfilling their unique potential and playing their part in strengthening their communities and nations. Because ultimately, prosperity is not just about what we have; it is also about who we become.”
Denmark ranks first in 2021 as in 2020 and is followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Germany and Iceland.
South Sudan came last and was followed upward by Syria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Chad and Yemen.




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