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Manganese Mines in Qom Largest in Middle East

Manganese Mines in Qom Largest in Middle East
Manganese Mines in Qom Largest in Middle East

About 60% of Iran’s manganese resources are located in Qom Province, according to the CEO of Iran Manganese Mines Company.
“The province also meets 60% of the country's need for this vital mineral,” Mohammad Reza Raghebian was also quoted as saying by IRNA.
Noting that the main use of manganese is in the steel industry, he said about 3-15% of finished steel products have manganese content and 85% of manganese extracted in Qom are used in the steel industry.
The mineral is also used in battery production, cosmetics and livestock supplements.
“The quality of manganese produced in Qom has created a significant competitive advantage for Esfahan Steel Company [because of its close proximity],” he added.
Iran’s manganese mines, located in Qom’s Venarj Mine, are the largest manganese mines in Middle East, according to Mahmoud Sijani, the head of Qom Industries, Mining and Trade Organization. 
Venarj is a village in Qom Province and the namesake mine’s annual output is 85,000 tons. 
In 2020, the total global reserves of manganese were estimated to be around 1.3 billion tons, a considerable increase compared to the trend from the last 15 years. 
South Africa has the largest manganese reserves worldwide by far, according to Statista.

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