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Businesses to Be Penalized for Breaching Covid-19 Curbs

Businesses to Be Penalized for Breaching Covid-19 Curbs
Businesses to Be Penalized for Breaching Covid-19 Curbs

Businesses violating the coronavirus containment measures will be handed out fines of between 3 million rials ($11.5) and 15 million rials ($57.8). 
According to Mohammad Ali Asfanani, the deputy head of 'Tazirat' (a judiciary-affiliated organization dealing with trading offenses), non-compliance with Covid-19 restrictions on the part of businesses affiliated to Iran Chamber of Guilds is rare, however violators of lockdown rules will be dealt with under articles 17 and 68 of Iran Guild Union Act, IRNA reported.
Iran’s National Coronavirus Taskforce on Saturday began to impose strict travel restrictions and closed down non-essential businesses as part of efforts to stem the transmission of Covid-19.
One hundred and fifty cities and towns have been categorized as “red regions”, including the capital Tehran, where most workplaces and businesses will close for two weeks and only a third of the workforce will be permitted to show up at entities deemed to be providing essential services. 
As per the plan, travel to and from red cities is also banned for two weeks, a night curfew has been placed on movement from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.
“Only essential businesses categorized as Group I, including bakeries, supermarkets, grocery stores, car shops, chain stores, health and treatment centers, pharmacies and print shops, are allowed to operate during the two-week period,” Qasem Noudeh-Farahani, the head of Tehran Guilds’ Chamber said. 
“Group I businesses, which account for 30% of all businesses, also have to close shops at 8 p.m.,” he was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.  
Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said last week that the National Coronavirus Taskforce’s plan to close cities in red zone can be extended beyond two weeks. 
“It’s a flexible scheme and will not necessarily end after two weeks. If a region’s transmission rate does not drop after two weeks, the plan can be extended,” he said.

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