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Workers Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Workers Struggling to Make Ends MeetWorkers Struggling to Make Ends Meet

With current wages, workers run out of money only 10 days into the month, says Ali Aslani, a member of Supreme Labor Council. 
“Prices of goods and services have increased significantly over the past six months, particularly since June. The living wage of a three-member household has now hit 90 million rials [$312] per month in large cities, which obviously can’t be matched against workers’ wages,” he added. 
A living wage refers to an income level that allows an individual or family to afford adequate shelter, food and other basic necessities. The purpose of a living wage is to help employees have a satisfactory standard of living and to prevent them from falling into poverty. Economists suggest that a living wage should be substantial enough to ensure that not more than 30% are spent on housing.


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