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Growth in 22 Industrial Products

Growth in 22 Industrial Products Growth in 22 Industrial Products

The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade's review of the first quarter of the current Iranian year (March 20-June 20) shows that the output of 22 industrial and mineral products registered growth compared with the same period of last year.
A total of 207,400 washing machines were produced during the period, up by 115.1% year-on-year.
Acrylic fiber production followed with 1,600 tons to register a year-on-year increase of 113.2%.
Production of refrigerators rose by 49.4% to 328,500 units.
A total of 69,600 tons of copper cathode were produced during the period under review, indicating a 46.3% rise YOY.
More than 212,000 cubic meters of particle boards were produced, indicating a 30.1% growth YOY.
The production of pickup trucks totaled 15,943, up by 22.9% YOY.
Auto tire production rose by 20.9% YOY to 62,700 tons, followed by synthetic fiber that increased by 12.4% to reach 56,000 tons.
Next was cement with 16.35 million tons, up 10% YOY; followed by detergent powder with 151,600 tons, up 8.7% YOY; crude steel with 6.96 million tons, up 8.5% YOY; 200,100 passenger vehicles, up 8.4% YOY; 210,200 television sets, up 7.9% YOY; 10.1 billion units of medicines, up 6.8% YOY; and 15.26 million tons of petrochemical production, up 6.8% YOY.
Production of 93 combine harvesters marked a 5.7% YOY rise.
The output of industrial oil went up 3% YOY to 131,700 tons. It was followed by aluminum oxide that increased by 2.3% YOY to 62,800 tons; aluminum ingot, also up 2.1% YOY to 95,000 tons; steel products, up 1.8% YOY to 5.38 million tons; tractors, up 1.5% YOY to 4,350 units; and fibers increased by 0.2% YOY to 320,300 square meters.

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