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Croatia Companies Keen to Expand Cooperation

Croatia Companies Keen  to Expand CooperationCroatia Companies Keen  to Expand Cooperation

Development Organization of Iran Valiollah Afkhamirad on Sunday, Croatia’s ambassador to Iran, Striebor Keric said Croatian traders and industries are keen to invest in Iran and cooperate with the country in areas like energy, electronics, construction, medicine, information technology and tourism.

Calling for promotion of bilateral ties between the two countries, Croatian ambassador said: “Croatia is willing to revive the Iran-Croatia joint economic committee ten years after it was suspended,” Tasnim news agency reported.

Afkhamirad, for his part, said: “Iran is seeking to expand its relations with all countries the world over,” noting that Iran has taken “effective and cohesive measures” towards expanding economic ties with friendly countries.

He said many European delegates have visited Iran in recent months, which he said signifies their willingness to expand trade ties with Iran.

Recalling a recent visit by Croatian foreign minister, Vesna Pusic to Tehran, Afkhamirad expressed optimism about the “bright future” of economic and political relations between the two countries.

Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic visited Tehran last week and held talks with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the parliament spokesperson, Ali Larijani, and president Hassan Rouhani with the aim of facilitating bilateral trade between the two countries.

As part of her talks with President Hassan Rouhani, Vesna Pusic, who also serves as Croatia’s vice prime minister, called for expansion of ties between Tehran and Zagreb, saying: “Croatia is looking to open a new chapter in its relations with Iran.”  

After Croatia declared independence in June 1991, Iran became the 7th country to recognize the newly independent southeastern European nation.

  Boosting Cooperation

The head of Iran’s Trade Development Organization further referred to transportation, tourism, health and medical education, agriculture, mining, shipbuilding, and energy as possible avenues for the two countries to expand bilateral cooperation.

Keric mentioned the recent announcement by leading Croatian cigarettes manufacturer TDR (Tobacco Factory Rovinj) to invest in Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province, saying: “The project is the first joint venture between the two countries but we are hoping to expand our bilateral ties.”  

TDR, which operates as a subsidiary of Adris Group, recently announced opening a new factory in Sari through partnership with Iran’s leading cigarette manufacturer, Iranian Tobacco Company. TDR’s investment in Iran is reportedly worth around 30 million Euros, with the new factory having the capacity to manufacture 6 billion cigarettes a year.