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Iran Daffodil Production Hits 600m p.a.

Iran Daffodil Production Hits 600m p.a.Iran Daffodil Production Hits 600m p.a.

More than 600 million daffodils are harvested from 1,200 hectares in Iran annually, creating as many as 15,000-20,000 jobs. 
At present, rain-fed farms account for 35% of daffodils grown in the country, while the remaining is planted on land that does not require ample irrigation. 
Fars Province is the biggest producer of daffodils in Iran. It has 500 hectares of land under the flower’s cultivation and grows 300 million cut flowers annually, Hamshahri Online reported. 
The second and third top producers of daffodils in the country are Khuzestan and Mazandaran, with 300 hectares and 85,000 square meters of land under cultivation respectively. 
Khuzestan produces 70 million and Mazandaran grows 57 million daffodils annually. 

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