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China to Export Buses to Iran

China to Export Buses to IranChina to Export Buses to Iran

A major Chinese automotive manufacturing company has agreed to export buses to Iran, reported FNA.

The vice president of Anhui Ankai Automobile Co said following the company’s decision to find a good partner in Iran, it will manufacture buses and coaches by complete knock down method (CKD) because the method best suits Iran’s obligatory standard requirements.

Shusheng Xu added that his company was seriously determined in 2007 to enter the market in Iran but the Western sanctions against Tehran prevented it from starting its activities in the country.

Ankai specializes in producing buses and coaches. Its products include urban buses, regular coaches, sleeping berth coaches, bus and coach chassis and automotive components. Ankai also offers related repair and maintenance services. The company has three principal subsidiaries and distributes its products worldwide.

The Chinese automaker says based on the latest technologies, it will manufacture commuter buses and coaches, which could also operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Iran has dramatically scaled up its use of compressed natural gas to power vehicles, an effort which has helped ease the tightening pressure from sanctions on petrol imports.