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Annualized Inflation for ‘Education’ at 22.3%

Annualized Inflation for ‘Education’ at 22.3%
Annualized Inflation for ‘Education’ at 22.3%

The average goods and services Consumer Price Index of “education” in the 12-month period ending June 21, which marks the end of the third Iranian month of fiscal 2021-22, increased by 22.3% compared with last year’s corresponding period.
With a coefficient of 1.86%, the CPI of the group stood at 215.3, indicating a 0.6% rise compared with the month before.
The index registered a year-on-year increase of 23.7%, latest data released by the Statistical Center of Iran show.
The 12 groups of the basket of consumer goods and services purchased by households surveyed by the SCI include "food and beverages" with a coefficient of 26.64%, "tobacco" with 0.59%, "clothing and shoes" with 4.78%, "housing, water, electricity, natural gas and other fuels" with 35.5% (highest), "furniture, home appliances and their maintenance" with 3.93%, "health and treatment" with 7.14%, "transportation" with 9.41%, "communications" with 2.87%, "leisure and culture" with 1.65%, "education" with 1.86%, "hotels and restaurants" with 1.44% and "miscellaneous items and services" with 4.18%.


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