Iranian Carmaker Eyes Local Tech Potentials for Developing EVs

Iranian Carmaker Eyes Local Tech Potentials for Developing EVsIranian Carmaker Eyes Local Tech Potentials for Developing EVs

Domestic carmaker Iran Khodro is interested in utilizing the potentials of Iranian tech firms and knowledge-based companies to develop electric vehicles.
The newly-appointed IKCO CEO Farshad Moqimi met Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari this week and discussed the potentials of local tech firms for designing EVs.
According to Moqimi, IKCO is keen on backing knowledge-based companies active in automotive industries.
Developing EVs and replacing fossil fuel-powered cars with vehicles running on the clean energy have been high on carmakers’ agenda around the globe, with leading carmakers investing billions in R&D and governments offering incentives for promoting the production and sale of such cars.
Iran has been left behind in the race for ditching gasoline-powered cars. Iranian carmakers are not the only entities that are to be blamed for this inaction.
Government authorities have also failed to invest in EV development and in the infrastructure for rolling out EVs.
Iran’s first electric vehicle charging station was set up at Tehran’s Milad Tower in May by MAPNA Group. 
Built over 700 square meters, the station includes a 43-kilovolt alternating current charger, plus a fast charger working under the Chademo Protocol, a trade name of a quick charging method for electric vehicles, which suits Japanese and South Korean EVs such as Kia, Nissan and Mitsubishi.
The station also includes a 4.7-kv slow charger and a 5.5-kv charger that can be used by electric motorcycles.

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