Instant Car Service and Repairs

Instead of visiting a carwash or an auto maintenance shop, Gallon’s team comes to the stipulated address. Some of the services offered are battery replacement, oil change, and carwash services
The service is available only in Tehran.The service is available only in Tehran.

A local startup dubbed ‘Gallon’ has been launched offering on-demand automotive services in Tehran.

Instead of visiting a carwash or an auto maintenance shop, Gallon’s team comes to the destination of choice. The business operates through an Android application available for download on local app market Café Bazaar and offers battery replacement, oil change and carwash services.

According to the firm’s website, the application can also be used for purchasing auto spare parts and accessories. Currently, the services are available only in Tehran and the company says it has plans to expand.

After creating an account with the company, users need to enter the type of the vehicle they own and choose the services they need. The app also guides users in choosing the most appropriate vehicle lubricant based on the car model.

Furthermore, each mechanic working with Gallon has a profile on the application and users can write reviews on their performance and rank them.

To promote its services, Gallon offers discounts to users introducing the application to others.

Internet-based services are infiltrating all aspects of life and walking in Tehran and most major cities one can seldom see anyone not engrossed in a smart device or handset.

Following the increasing role of online business, as is the case in many parts of the world, automotive companies have introduced several Internet-based services, including on-demand car repairs and eco-friendly carwash. Two of the known names in the sector are Hypertire and Nano Paak.

Nano Paak is a local startup which offers on-demand carwash services. It provides services through a website under the address Like Gallon, instead of visiting a carwash, Nano Paak team comes to the stipulated address where the car needs a wash.

Hypertire has started on-demand tire delivery in Tehran. People can order their needs through its website ( or its application. Tires are delivered in less than three hours.

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