Eco-Friendly Car for Police Fleet

Eco-Friendly Car for  Police FleetEco-Friendly Car for  Police Fleet

Tehran Police will equip its car fleet with eco-friendly vehicles to help protect the environment and curb air pollution. For this purpose it has selected the Hyundai Elantra hybrid, Tasnim News Agency reported. The report does not say anything about the number of cars to join the fleet.  Elantra hybrid is currently on test run and will be delivered to the Traffic Police and Law Enforcement Forces in the near future. It uses a 1.6-liter engine fuelled by liquefied petroleum gas with power supplemented by a 15kW electric engine propelled by lithium-ion polymer batteries. The Elantra hybrid electric vehicle is considered a pioneer for Kia’s eco-cars. Back in February, in a move to overhaul the police fleet, 200 units of the South Korean Kia Cerato were handed over to the LEF and Traffic Police in Tehran.  Police have been using the locally-made Iran Khodro Samand as the vehicle of choice for the past couple of years.


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