Everything Related to Cars at Your Doorstep

Everything Related to Cars at Your Doorstep  Everything Related to Cars at Your Doorstep

Internet-based services are infiltrating all aspects of life and walking in Tehran you will seldom see anyone not engrossed in a smart device or handset.

Following the increasing share of online business in the Iranian economy, as is the case in many parts of the world, automotive companies have introduced several Internet-based services, including on-demand car repairs and mobile eco-friendly carwash.

 Mobile Carwash

Nano Paak (a mash-up word of nanotechnology and clean in Persian) is a local startup which offers eco-friendly on-demand carwash services.

The business provides services through a website under the address Instead of visiting a carwash, Nano Paak’s team comes to the address the car owner wants.

One of the benefits of using Nano Paak services is that the company makes use of a cleaning system — supposedly a nano environment-friendly cleaning solution produced locally — that significantly reduces the amount of water used otherwise for washing cars. Less than a bucket of water is enough for each vehicle.

The services offered by Nano Paak costs some 300,000 to 500,000 rials ($7.5 to $12.5) almost twice to three times the price conventional carwash companies charge.

According to the e-company’s website, Android and iOS applications of Nano Paak are to be launched soon.

 Startup Tire Delivery

Local startup Hypertire has started on-demand tire delivery in Tehran. People can order their needs through the business’s website ( or its application. Tires are delivered in less than three hours to the ordering address.

The business’s application is available on local Android market Café Bazaar and has been downloaded over 200 times since it was launched a month ago.

Hypertire is backed by tire retailers in the sprawling capital, meaning its delivery vehicles do not need to carry a whole lot of tires from one part of the capital to the other. The firm sells local and foreign tires including Yazd Tier, Hankook, and Sumitomo.

 Auto Repair Apps

Earlier last week, in a bid to counter the mounting complaints against unregistered car repair shops, Tehran Auto Mechanics Association unveiled an application which among a dozen services ranks mechanics and provides customers with official tariff charts.

All certified auto repair and maintenance shops in Tehran will gradually be listed on the application, which is named Auto App, and the shops will be ranked depending on their performance, customer satisfaction and special inspections by the association.

Based on the customer’s location, the application suggests the closest registered repair shop. Each garage has a profile on the app and users can write reviews on their performance and give the businesses one to five stars.

One of the other services to be added to the app in the near future is ‘repair on demand’ or ‘mobile auto repair service’ through which instead of visiting the garage the mechanic will come to the address the car owner wants.

Iran’s automotive industries have also tried to tap into this market. The country’s largest automakers Iran Khodro and SAIPA were the first to launch vehicle service applications on mobile devices. Other companies like Atlas Khodro, the local dealer of KIA Motors cars, and Negin Khodro, the official importer of Renault vehicles, are doing likewise. The online services offered by the auto producers and importers are also available outside Tehran.

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