Renault Megane Returning to Iran

Through its local partner and via imports, French carmaker Renault is set to expand its products in Iran
Megane has a long history of presence in Iran.Megane has a long history of presence in Iran.
Megane is to be offered for less than $39,000, some $16,000 higher than its price in the international market

Renault is set to introduce the fourth generation of Megane into Iran’s auto market via its local partner Negin Khodro following years of absence.

According to automotive website Khodro Nevis, the company is set to import the new version of the vehicle in winter, following the introduction of three other new models by the French brand in 2017.

The website suggests that the car could be offered for about 1.5 billion rials ($39,000). In Western Europe the mid-level specification on the car retails for $23,000.

Negin Khodro is already selling two other Renault sedans, Symbol (for $21,000) and Talisman (for $52,000) which respectively are priced at 75% and 60% higher than their price in the international market.

 Car Specifications

The fourth generation Megane is currently produced in Bursa in Turkey through a joint venture and also in Renault Spain’s assembly plant in Palencia.

The fourth generation Megane sedan, launched in July 2016, resembles the Talisman, but with the front section of the Megane IV hatchback and a fastback-like sloping roofline.

It has more space in the back seat than the hatchback and a larger trunk, with a theoretical volume of 508 decimeters.

Depending on the market, there are two gasoline and three diesel engines on offer, with power outputs ranging from 90 to 130 break horsepower.

For the Iranian market, the car may stock a 1.2 or 1.6 liter engine, meeting local requirements on low engine emissions.   

Only the mid range engine is suitable to be matched with the dual clutch six speed transmission.

Renault also produces an all-electric version of the vehicle, but has not said if it intend to introduce the electric sedan in Iran.

 History of Presence

The Megane has a history of presence in Iran in various guises. Initially the sedan version of the Megane was shipped into the country as completely built units imported from Turkey in 2005.

Later in 2008 Renault launched production of the model in Iran from completely knocked down units through Pars Khodro, a joint venture between the Boulogne-Billancourt-based automaker, IDRO and SAIPA.

Production of Megane in Iran was halted in 2013, following the imposition of economic sanctions and Renault’s hesitant relationship with the country during the rough years.

At the time the Ministry of Industries said shortage of parts was the main reason for the halt in assembly of the vehicle.

After almost a year, the third generation Megane was introduced via imports to plug the French company’s need for a medium sized hatchback model. However, for unknown reasons they decided to rebadge the car as a Scala.

The Scala is a generic name given to several different Renault models in other markets including South America and India, however, none of those markets sold the Megane as a Scala.

In addition to being Renault’s official distributer in Iran, Negin Khodro is a party to a trilateral deal between the French carmaker and Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran.


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