Iran Stops Producing 11 Trucks

Some companies’ medium and heavy vehicles have hit the buffers
Mercedes-Benz tipper truck LK 2624
Mercedes-Benz tipper truck LK 2624
SAIPA’s Chinese-derived Foton Aumark 6-ton cargo truck has been shown the exits

During the last calendar month to December 21, the production of 11 heavy duty vehicles and pickup trucks were halted in Iran.

The local automotive website Persian Khodro, named the affected companies as Iran Khodro Diesel, SAIPA Group, Zamyad Co., AMICO, Bahman Group, Mammut Diesel, Morattab Khodro and Diar Khodro.

Iran Khodro

Iran Khodro Diesel (IKD), a subsidiary of Iran’s largest car manufacturer, halted three of its production lines. The two heavy duty vehicles and one pickup production lines were built in a Tabriz factory.

IKD halted production lines of Mercedes-Benz tipper truck LK 2624 and Mercedes-Benz Axor K3335, both being two of the most popular heavy trucks in the country in recent years.

The orange-colored Mercedes-Benz tipper truck has been in production for almost 30 years. The company did not say why it had decided to halt production.

According to the website, during the same period in the last Iranian year, the company produced 38 units of Axor and two LK 2624.

The older Mercedes trucks remain popular with Iran's construction firms. However, since Daimler signed a new agreement with IKD, the trucks are gradually being replaced by newer models.

IKD also halted production for the recently-introduced Peugeot 405-based Arisun small pickup truck.

Financial Tribune contacted IKD and Iran Khodro Tabriz for comment on the production stoppages. The companies refused to respond.


Meanwhile, SAIPA's production of Chinese-derived Foton Aumark 6-ton cargo truck also came to a halt. According to reports, the company produced 50 units of the model last year.

The top auto maker has not explained why it halted production. In recent months it has focused its production on other vehicles like the small Pride 141 pickup.

In addition, Padra pickup truck production by Zamyad company, one of numerous subsidiaries of SAIPA, was also stopped.

Smaller Players

Another Tabriz-based firm AMICO also stopped production of the 4.5-ton cargo truck M4.5.

This is while its production records show 88 units of the model were produced last year.

Another firm, Bahman Group, an Iranian company producing Mazda models under the South Korean company’s license, has halted production of two of its models. The vehicles include the Mazda pickup and Shiller 6-ton truck.

The group, however, continues to build other similar models, including the CAPRA light-pickup truck as well as several other heavy vehicles.

Production of Mammut Group's Scania G400 has also ended. Mammut is one of the largest truck builders in Iran and has made a name for itself by modifying heavy vehicles for different needs, namely refrigerator trucks.

The company recently signed a deal with the German Volkswagen Group to start production of cars in the country. The two developments do not seem to be related.  

Meanwhile, the Land Rover-based Pajan pickup truck produced by Morattab Khodro has been halted

The Tribune contacted Morattab by phone for details on the halt of the once popular Pazhan. The company refused to answer.

Diar Khodro, a small auto maker, stopped production of its Chinese-derived pickup, called the Wingle. The company's website has been inactive and no telephone number was available to reach them.


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