Top 5 Imported Crossovers

Foreign companies are racing to claim a bigger share of Iran’s booming SUV market
Top 5 Imported Crossovers Top 5 Imported Crossovers , Top 5 Imported Crossovers
During the first seven months of the current Iranian year (started March 20), 22,282 crossovers were imported

A report on crossover vehicles imported in the first seven months of the current Iranian year (started March 20) has been released by the market monitoring section of Car Iran.

According to the report, 22,282 crossovers were imported in the period, marking a 59% growth year-on-year, Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration reported.

The top five imported crossovers are as follows:

 1- Hyundai Santa Fe

Since the official launch of the South Korean-made Santa Fe in Iran, the model is now the most popular imported crossover of all vehicles.

Regardless of its hefty price of 2.1 billion rials ($61,000), in addition to being the most successful SUV in Iran, Santa Fe was able to push aside even low-budget sedans and hatchbacks, becoming the most popular imported car in the country.

Assan Motor, the local representative of Hyundai, imported 6,462 units of the model during the first seven months of the current Iranian year.

Santa Fe grabbed a 29% share of the imported crossovers market, marking a 3% fall in the import rate of the model year-on-year.

Considering the 4,000-unit distance between Santa Fe and its next rival, it is more than likely that the model holds its place among the imported SUVs as a quality vehicle despite being unpopular in markets like Europe.

 2- SsangYong Tivoli

Second place goes to another South Korean brand, SsangYong, and its small crossover Tivoli. The model has been unexpectedly in demand and may be down to its remarkable price and hip styling.

Surprisingly, Tivoli has been able to earn a 10% share of the market, pushing aside Lexus NX to occupy the second place among SUVs entering Iran.

During the first seven months, 2,163 units of the model entered the country.

Previously, Tivoli was the fourth most imported SUV in Iran, but in October a large batch of 547 units entered the country and swayed the market.

                 3- Lexus NX

After losing the second position to SsangYong’s Tivoli, the Japanese luxury car landed in third place with 1,889 units imported during the period.

The phenomenal initial sale of the model by Irtoya, the official representative of Toyota and its luxury vehicle division, Lexus turned many heads in Iran’s auto market.

The Iranian company was able to sell the first shipment of NX crossovers completely in a few hours through web advertising.

Lexus NX is priced at 2.95 billion rials ($84,000) in the local market and currently has an 8.5% share of the country’s imported SUV market.

 4- Hyundai ix35

Fourth place again goes to South Korea’s largest carmaker, Hyundai. During the period, 1,874 units of ix35 entered Iran.

The new face-lifted version has been successful in the country, enabling the South Korean company to be represented in the top five SUVs with two cars.

 5-Toyota RAV4 & Kia Sportage

With a 7% share of the market, Toyota RAV4 and Kia Sportage were able to outpace their other rivals slightly and claimed the joint fifth position on the chart. Kia Sportage costs 1.7 billion rials ($50,000) and Toyota’s RAV4 sells for 2.1 billion rials ($61,000).

The market is seemingly losing its interest in Sportage and during the Iranian month ending Oct. 21, only 27 units of the model entered Iran, which totally amounts to 1,472 units during the first seven months of the Iranian year.


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