Italian Group Forges Auto Linkup

Italian Group Forges  Auto LinkupItalian Group Forges  Auto Linkup

A delegation of Italian businessmen recently paid a visit to different parts of Iran Khodro’sindustrial complexin western Tehran.    

The visit of the 25-member delegation comprising Italy’s economic and industrial leaders touredthe company's press, body, engine and assembly sections.

The visit was aimed at getting familiar with the capacities of IKCO and exploring various grounds for further cooperation between two sides, Iran Khodro reports.

Telerobot's CEO David Corsini praised Iran Khodro for its achievements and said, "To me, Iran Khodro is the leading company in Iran’s car industry in terms of variety and development of products.”

Visiting the robots made by Germany’s Kuka in IKCO’s body site, Corsini noted that his company is a long-time partner of Kuka.

Corsini, who has been working in the industrial fieldfor the past 23 years, stated that he doesnot see cooperation with IKCO as a long-term goal, meaning that it is achievable in the short- to medium-term.

“I’m very happy to visit IranKhodro's site. The presence of discipline and young people is evident everywhere,” he added.

The Italian auto experts looked at the prospects of future cooperation with IKCO and its subsidiary companies. They, however, did not mention how they plan to interact in future.

As the team toured the facilities, another member of the Italian delegation noted that Iran Khodrois one of the most successful car companies in the Middle East.

Head of National Association of Italy’s Automobile Industry, Andre Bernard, said Italian car manufacturers have already put forth flexible solutions based on technologies for supplying spare parts.

“We have established relations with our Iranian counterparts, which amount to a launching pad for further cooperation between the two sides,” he said.

The commercial manager of NegriBossicompany, who was not named, saidIran Khodro can become a strong trade partner.

"We enjoy the most advanced technologies in the world, which can be sharedwith our partners to boost their spare parts quality,”the manager said.

The delegation, which arrived in Iran last week, had not announced its plan for visiting the Iran Khodro factory. However, since the release of the report from the major Iranian company, the range of business opportunities between IKCO and Italian firms is believed to be extensive on the back of the tour.

However long the delay in releasing this high-profile information by Iran Khodro, it shows that both Italian and French companies are neck-and-neck with each other to cooperate in projects for building the future of Iranian auto industry.